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“I have been going to Four Brothers for years. Our family has made it one of our gathering places when everyone come up from L.I. to visit. One of employees years ago told us about how she loves to dip her pizza crust in Four Brothers Salad Dressing when she finishes her pizza. We tried it and loved it. Now we live in Florida and when we go up to NY we stop in have a pizza and buy a case of Salad Dressing to bring home with us. I even use it to marinate my London Broil in. I have even had it shipped to my home by friends when I ran short before I made another trip up north.”

Sally L.

“Four Brothers is never a disappointing meal. Most importantly, my daughter is SO addicted to their own Greek dressing, that she actually got a bottle of it in her Christmas stocking. It’s that good.The pizza and dinners are awesome and they make really excellent salads. The service is always good…they don’t leave you with an empty glass, they are very prompt, and we have never had to wait to be seated.This is a great place to go on a date, take the whole family, and a great place to take kids. The atmosphere is casual and there is a lot to look at, with all the statues and murals. You can’t go wrong if you want a great meal with great service at a price that doesn’t hurt.”

Bobbie Reno

“I live in Schenectady and travel 45 minutes for their excellent food. They have some of the best pizza in the area! I suggest the Brother’s Special. You won’t be disappointed!”


“It’s been years since I’ve even back to Great Barrington, but it seems that nearly all of my fond memories begin with Four Brothers. Four Brothers is a nice little upscale pizza/pasta place in Great Barrington with a very family oriented atmosphere. The pizza is delicious and the service is spectacular. Oh those were the days. That beautiful menu with oh-so many choices and that delicious pie. Even New Yorkers with the greatest pizza joints in the world will be satisfied with Four Brothers.”

Coco C.


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